Fee Schedule



Fee Schedule
(All Accounts Except Share Drafts)



Membership/Joint Member


Closing New Account within 90 days


Excessive Withdrawals - more than 20/year
(including money order purchases)


Non-sufficient Funds (ACH)


Stop Payments 




  Regulation D violation  

$10.00 each

Dormant Account - no activity in last 90 days
(waived for members 15-years-old and younger)


Return Item


Foreign Item


 Duplicate Lien Release


Statement Photocopy 
    1 prior statement


    after 1 prior statement


Wire Transfer (incoming and outgoing)


International Wires

Cost paid by member

Western Union


Researching Account Activity


IRA Transfers


IRS Levy/Restraining Notices/Info Subpoena


Mailed Teller Check  
Teller Check to 3rd Party  

Alloya Member Transfers

  Holiday Club withdrawals            before October 1st    





$1.00 each

$2.00 each   $5.00 each   $5.00 each




 USPS Address Changes   $2.00 each
Fee Schedule
(Share Draft Accounts)
Occurrence Fee
Stop Payments




Non-sufficient Funds
(Draft/ACH/Electronic transfers)


Writing drafts on closed accounts


Foreign Item deposit


Return Item


Letter of Protest (paid by requestor)


More than 6 automatic transfers/month
(withdrawal made to clear draft)


Automatic transfer from share account due to non-sufficient funds


Telephone transfers (no signature required/no receipt mailed)




Monthly fee


Reconciliation fees 

    current  and prior month


    after prior month


  VISA Debit pin reissue  


Researching account activity


ATM Debit replacement card


Cost of Drafts (paid by member)






  • Fees effective as of 03/15/2016
  • These fee schedules set forth certain fees and charges applicable to regular share accounts and share draft accounts.  These schedules are incorporated as part of your account agreement with the Credit Union.  You will be notified of changes to these fees.




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